New platform @Inception_VR wants to be the #Netflix of #VR:
  • The user is completely immersed in the VR experience and can actually interact with the content and control his or her storyline, making the experience the next best thing to actually being there.
  • Inception’s VR content will completely change the way we experience the world, from music to art and lifestyle.”
  • With Inception’s born-for-VR formats, the viewer is actually the director of the content.
  • Inception has also partnered with Boiler Room, a community of underground music fans, to create a dedicated channel for the communities live music events.
  • Now a new service is available across multiple platforms that wants to become the Netflix of virtual reality (VR), called Inception.

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@VRFocus: “New platform @Inception_VR wants to be the #Netflix of #VR:” open tweet »

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