.@Oculus wants you to go to work in a headset
  • At Facebook’s yearly event for its Oculus VR division yesterday, the company announced all sorts of new, consumer-friendlier products, like a $199 Oculus Go VR headset system that doesn’t need an expensive PC or smartphone to work.
  • It’s a revelation that comes in tandem with the company’s new, enterprise-facing program called Oculus for Biz, which bills itself to be “an all-in-one solution for businesses looking to integrate VR for workplace training, collaboration, retail sales, and much more.”
  • Oculus Dash radically rethinks that flat desktop for something that looks more like the command bridge of the Starship Enterprise.
  • For instance, it promises to run all normal desktop apps (presumably from Windows–since that’s the platform Oculus runs on today).
  • Yet when I tried a similar VR desktop experience in the past, it was a literal pain in the neck . . . in minutes.

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