Past meets future at Jerusalem's Tower of David
 #VR #Jerusalem
  • Nearly two dozen Israeli technology companies set up shop among the 2,000-year-old stones of the Tower of David Museum, providing an extreme take on old meets new this week in Jerusalem.
  • The event was the launch of the Tower of David Innovation Lab, a groundbreaking collaboration between history and high tech at the Tower of David Museum, which for 30 years has anchored Jerusalem’s Old City and served as the official keeper of Jerusalem’s four millennia of history.
  • Two years ago, eager to refresh its image and attract a younger and more tech-savvy audience, the museum took a deep digital dive and adopted new technology, including augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) equipment, to refresh its 30-year-old exhibition and make itself more relevant to young, smartphone-addicted visitors.
  • While the museum is obviously eager for the new lab to spearhead technology that will offer them a competitive edge in an increasingly crowded playing field of tourism and history, staffers also say that they believe the collaboration they are encouraging will set a precedent for more partnerships between museums and startups around the world.
  • Mason agrees and notes that the Tower of David Innovation Lab will help make Jerusalem’s long and storied history newly relevant to young visitors.

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