Design #VR Environments With Free Movement Without an Engine Using PresenZ:
  • “Working with Chaos Group, we’ve been able to bring our technology to the entire V-Ray community, one of the largest user bases of 3D artists in the world.
  • According to Nozon, creating volumetric VR with PresenZ follows the traditional 3D workflow.
  • Nozon and Chaos Group have announced a technology partnership that enables artists to create pre-rendered, volumetric virtual reality (VR) using PresenZ and V-Ray .
  • “When we saw what Nozon was doing with PresenZ , we knew this was something our users would love,” said Lon Grohs, Chief Commercial Officer at Chaos Group.
  • The partnership between Nozon and Chaos Group will allow for 6 degree of freedom (6DOF) tracking in offline rendering while maintaining visual fidelity.

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@VRFocus: “Design #VR Environments With Free Movement Without an Engine Using PresenZ:” open tweet »

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