Qualcomm finds new tech partners for its standalone #VR headset
  • The company is now going to work with more partners for its Head Mounted Display Accelerator Program (HAP), including sensor maker Bosch Sensortec, image sensor maker OmniVision, and controller maker Ximmerse, according to Hugo Swart, product manager for VR at Qualcomm, in a talk at the VR World Conference in Shanghai.
  • Qualcomm introduced its HAP in March at the Game Developers Conference as part of its plan for improving mobile VR headsets that are connected to smartphones rather than PCs.
  • Then, at the Google I/O event in June, Google announced it would help create Daydream Standalone VR Headset based on the Qualcomm reference design.
  • For precise 6 DoF positional tracking of your head, Qualcomm has integrated its sensor fusion processing (powered by Snapdragon), along with the data from both the camera and inertial sensors.
  • In China, many standalone VR HMDs have already launched based on the Snapdragon 820 VR HMD reference design (the precursor of the HAP), including Pico Neo and Goblin, iQiYi Adventure, Baofeng Matrix, and Whaley VR.

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