.@random42science launches educational #AR mobile app:  #health #education
  • The company has ventured into virtual reality (VR) before and are now stepping into augmented reality (AR) with the release if its new app.
  • The new Randon42 app celebrates the company’s 25th year by allowing users to scan something with a smartphone or similar smart device and activating various interactive scientific animations and videos.
  • “This interactive app offers clients a new way to experience our work, elevating our standard capabilities presentation into a format that highlights our expertise in a real-life user experience,” said Ben Ramsbottom, Medical Director and CEO at Random42.
  • Interaction Designer at Random42, Oliver Ellmers, said: “The Random42 Capabilities App has given our interactive department a solid platform to really showcase what we can do.
  • The Random42 app can be found on Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, with the interactive AR elements accessible either by using the Random42 website or scanning a physical brochure.

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