• Instead technicians outfitted him with something even more groundbreaking: a mixed reality headset, called HoloLens, the first self-contained computer that allows users to see holograms amid their surroundings.
  • Griswold and his colleagues at Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic set out to design a program for HoloLens that would revolutionize anatomy lessons.
  • HoloLens is different: “Physical and holographic objects coexist and interact in real time,” says Microsoft’s Lorraine Bardeen.
  • A medical technology company recently began using it to reinvent the operating room, so one day medical students who learned anatomy by hologram could perform surgery in a HoloLens-designed room.
  • In 2019 Case Western plans to open an anatomy lab designed with the help of HoloLens and using a curriculum built around the device.

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@NatGeo: “Holograms are proving to be useful in a variety of fields — from aviation to fashion design” open tweet »

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