Head to a cosmic music festival with @TheWaveVR @htcvive #VR -
  • Last year TheWaveVR announced a successful $2.5million USD seed funding round to help it build a social music platform that would allow users to attend live concerts, discover audio-visual experiences, and hold private dance parties.
  • “We’re hyper focused on creating the most new and engaging social experiences for music content in VR,” said CEO and Co-Founder Adam Arrigo, who spent seven years working for Harmonix, creators of Rock Band and Dance Central in a statement.
  • TheWaveVR aims to bring together both musicians and avid music fans alike, so that performers can make and distribute their music to everyone around in new immersive ways.
  • “We’ve user tested TheWaveVR with dozens of music creators and fans,” said chief creative officer and co-founder Aaron Lemke.
  • “I have had the pleasure of getting to know Adam, Aaron and the rest of the team over the past year and have been impressed by their ability to execute and pioneer what I truly believe will be a new way we experience music and connect with one another.”

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