The current state of virtual reality (VR)
  • VR isn’t going to have the same adoption because it isn’t a technological improvement to a current device.
  • Millions of guests enter this park every year; and the perfect opportunity for Samsung to get those who may not be attracted to a traditional VR commercial to experience the product in person, in an environment that tests your senses.
  • Currently, the tallest drop tower ride in the world, Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom allows you to wear a Samsung Gear VR headset, and a battle of a spider invasion before dropping over 400+ ft. Last October, the theme park offered a VR experience Halloween themed for their Fright Fest event on their roller coaster, Skull Mountain.
  • You’re getting regular individuals in a popular setting to experience VR.
  • It bridges the game from purebred VR to a somewhat real-world setting that applies to a lot of everyday jobs.

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