The future of Nike design looks amazing in this concept video
  • That’s the gist of a new video originally conceived by Nike and posted by Dell a few days ago showing off how designers might use augmented reality headsets like the Meta 2 to create next generation sports apparel.
  • The concept video shows several designers using the Dell Canvas (a touch display that connects to a PC) along with the Meta 2 headset to craft a version of the Nike Air Vapormax in augmented reality.
  • It’s a device that produces inaudible sound you can feel on your hands when you pass them in front of the array.
  • “This is not about showing some [far in the future] concept, but showing what’s possible today,” Ryan Pamplin, vice president of Meta told me when I asked him about how the video was conceived.
  • Nevertheless, it is still a concept at this point, which leads to the question: When are we likely to see the AR and haptics-assisted design process shown in the video become a reality?

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