This Charity Helped The Elderly Revisit Their Childhood Homes Using #VirtualReality  #VR
  • A group of school students have been taking virtual reality technology into retirement homes to let the residents revisit their childhood homes.
  • The teenagers, who run non-profit Gamers Gift charity in Sacramento, California, have been running the project for several months, but only recently were able to combine the VR with Google Maps.
  • Pairing Google Street View and Maps technology with the virtual reality goggles, the team helped a dozen residents at the Atria Carmichael Oaks assisted-living facility, go back to their home town.
  • A spokesperson for the group wrote on Imgur: “We’ve been doing this for quite a while, but just recently we’ve started to use Google Maps/Street View to allow them to revisit memories they haven’t experienced in many years.”
  • This isn’t the first time we’ve been lucky enough to see seniors using virtual reality; a grandma from Northern Ireland went viral after trying out a Jurassic Park game for the first time.

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