Why the Closure of Oculus Story Studio is Good News for VR Filmmakers
  • Oculus just officially announced that they’d be winding down Story Studio, the company’s internal VR film studio which produced first-party VR shorts like Lost, Henry, and Dear Angelica.
  • Oculus announced the internal Story Studio at the start of 2015, saying that its mission would be to explore VR film and inspire the world to see VR as a medium for narrative and storytelling.
  • But as Oculus is a major VR platform holder, it often ended up shining the spotlight most strongly on its own internal Story Studio works, with big press events and even preferential placement on the Oculus storefront; not exactly the kind of relationship you want to have with external creators whom Oculus wants to court and help thrive on their platform.
  • While Story Studio was surely important in getting some quality content produced to inspire folks with the potential of VR film, Oculus’ decision to wind it down in favor of throwing funding at external studios makes a lot of sense when you take a step back and look at what the company’s overall goal is: to be a platform and hardware maker, not a content producer.
  • The move greatly improves the optics of Oculus’ priorities, and tells external VR film studios that the company is committed to enabling them, not competing with them.

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