ZeniMax sues #samsung over its #oculus-based Gear VR mobile headset
  • ZeniMax, the game publisher who has been in a legal fight with Oculus over its PC-based Oculus Rift headset for some time, is now dragging Samsung into court as well.
  • ZeniMax, who has published games in the Elder Scrolls, Fallout and Doom franchises, has filed a lawsuit against the South Korean-based company, claiming its Gear VR mobile headset uses code originally created at ZeniMax.
  • According to The Verge, ZeniMax claims in the lawsuit that Oculus executive John Carmack helped to develop the code that’s used in the Gear VR headset while he still worked at ZeniMax’s id Software development studio.
  • In fact, ZeniMax alleges that Carmack secretly enlisted the help of Oculus employee Matt Hooper, while Carmack still worked at id, to create a plan to make a mobile VR headset, which eventually was offered to Samsung.
  • ZeniMax claims Samsung was aware of its earlier lawsuit against Oculus, but decided to continue working on the Gear VR headset with Oculus-based software.

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