Wanderlust, A Beginners Guide To Travel

Part Two Money:

Yup, as fun and inspiring as it is to travel it does cost $$$$, no matter how little you spend, here’s my breakdown below.

  1. Up to a month, most people in the states get two weeks off, so that’s pretty standard and the only thing I can say is, many people go on diets before holidays. I say go on an economical diet before going, this way things you can’t or would not want to spend seems less expensive, ex: if you go out drinking or dinning, cut it out or limit yourselves you will be surprised at how much you start saving. From three weeks to a month straight you get an appetizer of traveling for a good amount of time, do the same thing as above, save even more and go on a binge economic diet.
  2. One month to three months, this is an eye opener and life changing for me the rewards of in depth travelling are simply amazing. A big plan for this is semi life changing, analyze everything that you pay for and start to realize the things you don’t need, make sure you have 3 to 6 months of savings, remember as cool as it is to travel, the workforce make not act to kindly to gaps in your resume. The previous sentence is for people not working. Its different if your coming home to a job.
  3. Three months to a Year, Oh boy this is a dream of mine, while I was safariing in Africa, In Zambia I meet a nice German couple at a campsite in Livingston, I booked with an organized tour to travel from Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania (the Serengeti as the highlight) & Kenya. The couple were putting their hand washed clothes to dry on a line in front of their tent. When I started chatting to them they told me that they were on month ten and that they had eight more weeks to go. They told me some of their secrets, first they gave up their apartments and moved in with the girlfriends moms flat. Then they just keep saving and they gave up all luxuries they had. After the couple made a plan on how much money they will need for a year’s travels and what they needed upon coming home. Just a side note the boyfriend at the time was 42 and his girlfriend was 36, so they were not some young kids out of uni. Touchdown they did it and they were able to find work. The second story is about an Auzzie girl, she was 21 and in uni. I meet her on the organized tour in North India. We follow each other on Instagram and I saw she posted a photo at Sydney airport and the next day she was in Chile. She spent six weeks in south america Chile, Argentina and making it to carnival in Brazil, then she sailed for six weeks from Rio to Cadiz Spain. When she arrived in Europe she had traveled from April to August. That’s insane seven months but she did it. It seem’s that these people that traveled for an extended period of time had a clear and concise plan. * I did do three months two years ago, next one four to six months.