The Chasse — Ep2

Episode 2: To the Days Ahead

The morning is still chill but my heart thumps like a racing horse. And the phone rings

“Dude! To our club in an hour. Planning should start from today onward. Stop speaking to yourself and come straight to the club”, Sam spoke faster than he would.

‘Uhn! Here we go’, and hit a U-turn.

randonée(French) or Bikepacking — A term that is referred to a long distance cycling where you load things onto the bike’s frame
At the Club

‘Alright guys! Let’s open up our comments section’

Veerapandian exclaimed, “People! We just have 50 more days to go. Practice starts from tomorrow. I’ll try contacting my Malaysian trainer and bring him here. Let’s see if he could train us for the great event.

Sam intervened, “Thanks VP. I’ll also ask my trainer. He’s just been in town after his Tour de France. Whoever clicks better for us”. VP shook his head and headed out for a call.

‘Guys! Aren’t we a little overthinking here? I mean! 3 of us are Road Cyclists. We are going on a MTB+Road Tour. Looks like this time gap is too low to set a bar so high’, I said as VP walked in.

“He’s busy right now. Sam! Do the honors please!”, smiled.

Praveena grinned, “Guys! Stop with all the pre-planning! Let’s zero-in on our location first. We’re wasting time brainstorming the topic. We’re all cyclists after all. Road or Off-road; 50 Days is not a small interval. Think about what we can do. Split the strategic planning. As we discussed last month, is it Dandeli mountain biking or Bandipur Road trip?”

‘That’s pretty neat Prav. Ok! my money’s on Bandipur? Who wants Dandeli? Hands up!’ and it was only half a dozen among 16.

‘Alright girls and boys. Let’s make Bandipur wait for us!’

~to be continued~