Finding evidence of life on Mars — A step by step approach…

Usually, the most interesting (and daunting!) “anomalies” one will find on images of Mars uploaded by NASA are located in the distant areas that appear as vague, unclear and blurred landscapes. Of course, it does happen that there’s just nothing to see and you have to move on. But sometimes, the evidence is right there… if you open your eyes. On rare occasions, this evidence sits right next to the rover, as can be seen on this image:

It is still possible to see only a “rock” in the object shown by the red arrows, if one’s happiness depends on it being only a rock. At the bottom of the image, we the white part of the rover…

But I digress. Let’s go back to “Ireson Hill”, a dark mound located in the general area of the lower part of Mount Sharp. As stated in an earlier installment, Curiosity was there in February, 2017 and took a number of images that gave us this:

Ireson Hill. Our interest will be focused on the right side at the landscape far away in the background (Official Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS)

Step One

Sure. Nice, blurry, image. Not much to see there. But look again. Look attentively at the area on the upper right corner.

Step Two

Do you see the “shapes” located right over what looks like a rocky hill?

Step Three

Pipes going through a small structure…

Step Four

In the background, larger structures…

Step Five

Structure with entrance and, behind, what distinctly looks like a water tank.

Step Six

A large ramp (white arrow) and more structures…

Final Step — A Comparison

The official NASA image can be found here.

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