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Russian Connection — Should the FBI Start Protecting Manafort and Flynn?

The oft-repeated assertion that Russia under Vladimir Putin does not bother with behavioural restraint, nor with international law, when it decides to settle the score with political adversaries, just got another boost with the assassination of Denis Voronenkov in the Ukraine’s capital of Kiev.

Voronenkov, a former MP, left Russia last year after accusing Russian security agencies of “persecuting” him. He asked for and received Ukrainian citizenship. He was shot yesterday in cold blood in front of a chic hotel in Kiev, where he was going to meet another Russian dissident.

Now, that this assassination comes after more troubling stories of killings and assassination attempts by poisoning of Russian dissidents or political adversaries of Vladimir Putin should, maybe, be food for thought for the American witnesses of the recent Russian intervention in the affairs of the United States.

Once you start eliminating political adversaries, there isn’t much distance to travel before you start thinking of eliminating potential witnesses to your bad deeds, even if the risks are high but possibly still less damaging than what could come out of a testimony.

I am thinking of Paul Manafort, Carter Page, Roger Stone, even Michael Flynn. They are all potential — and potentially troublesome — witnesses of Russian meddling in the American democratic process. And maybe they know even more. Who’s to say what kind of damages their interrogation by Congress, or by the FBI, could inflict?

Has the time come to provide tight security to Manafort, Page, Stone, Flynn and others? Just asking…

Image at top from Politico Magazine’s article “All of Trump’s Russia Ties, in 7 Charts”, by Michael Crowley, March-April, 2017.

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