Look carefully in the middle of this image. Is this “someone” standing on the wreckage between the metallic cover and the docking hatch? Nah… Impossible. “They” have already told us that nothing of the sort was happening anywhere near Earth.

The Strange Truth Long Suppressed — Waiting For Aliens To Do It For Them

Either the authorities let go of the spoils and admit to decades of lies, or Aliens will do it for them.

The strange truth of life on Mars and the strong possibility of an Extraterrestrial presence in Earth’s backyard is so overwhelming that we can’t expect Earthlings to absorb it easily. Cognitive dissonance is here to stay. For one thing, that truth is rather difficult to assert when a great many people who have no problem believing in a powerful and omnipresent God, who supposedly has created an entire planet in six days (but, for some reason not well explained, had to take a rest on the seventh), and who have long talks in the dark with guardian angels, will not hesitate a moment to brand you a nutcase for saying that you have evidence that Martians actually exist.

Remains of a statue? Remains of “someone”? Or just nature having some fun with Martian rocks?

For another thing, that truth is even more difficult to advance in the face of sustained campaigns of ridicule led by skeptics and deniers, who most of the time get pretty good coverage in the media and, most of all, serve extremely well the interests of authorities that have maintained, for decades now, a formal denial of anything coming close to a revelation. A revelation which is now long overdue. That we are in the middle of an x-file about some twilight zone is not a facile exaggeration: Despite having accumulated visual evidence of life on Mars — from official NASA images, nothing less! — showing clear structures and extensive pipes systems that were obviously “built by someone”, it is still impossible to get NASA, or associated scientists, or governments, and certainly not the media, to finally admit that indeed something appears to be going on.

Quite the contrary. Besides a tease in the form of a promise that in 10 or 20 years we will have formal proof of Extraterrestrial life, and that we may even make contact, they persist, often with a smile, in saying that, no, nothing special is going on on the Red Planet apart from rocks, rock formations and, oh yes, wait… ice water, briny flowing water, a past rich in oxygen and with large bodies of water, and chemicals that point to an Earth-like planet’s history!

After someone — presumably at NASA — went over this detail of a photo for a second time, we got the results you can see below.

Like I said before, part of the evidence that anomaly hunters, including this author, have come up with, which can be easily explained or denied, is indeed forcefully denied, and not without the press usually having some fun at taking a swipe at these people’s integrity or state of mind. But the clear stuff, the stuff that can’t be easily explained or denied, it is, well, simply and duly ignored. I don’t write this without a shred of knowledge, since I have personally experienced it. But evidence can be ignored only for so long, as it accumulates and speaks out until a day when it becomes so overwhelming that at one point in time “they” will have no other choice but to try to justify years of lies.

What we might hear, then, is something approximating this: That not only there WAS life on Mars, but visual evidence found these last years (by NASA, of course, because they will make sure to ignore findings made up to that point by anomaly hunters) shows that there IS something going on right now on Mars and, quite possibly, elsewhere in our own Solar System. But that it was necessary, in the name of national security and international peace, to suppress the truth until the peoples of planet Earth could be informed while keeping risks at their minimum.

Sure. That’s just a rock.

Until then, any and all information must come down through the drop glass, and it has become quite obvious that the authorities in question will not let go of the spoils until they either find a way to come clean, or Extraterrestrials do it for them.

Have you heard? There’s nothing going on on Mars…
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