Going Int’l…

The world of transportation is more than just semi trucks and trains. It goes beyond the cement roads and the endless railroad tracks. Transporation is essential but when you get into the international part of transportation it is a whole new world!

Transporting all the goods from U.S. to Mexico, Canada and Puerto Rico is great, but the greatest part aside from making that money is getting to experience the culture everyday. People say, “oh you just send stuff across the border right?” Well let me tell you everyday is like crossing the Rio Bravo, cruising into the sunny Puerto Rico, or stopping by to visit Drake in Toronto.

Let me start of with my coworkers. We laugh our butts off talking about everything and anything, but we do so in both languages. On my previous team I was only speaking english because my coworkers were all gringos. On my Int’l team you best believe we bust out that spanglish [pero sometimes google translate comes in handy]. We get to communicate with our people in Mexico, man can they talk your ear off. But hey, who else can say they get to call international and not get charged a fortune for a 3 minute phone call. Being able to incorporate both of my languages in my daily life is rewarding.

Dont get me started on the second best thing about going International. La comida…hmmm talk about burritos, flautas, carne asada, chilaquiles. Yeah thats just some of the things we have here in our group. There is never a time where food doesnt make an appearance. We take on the traditional Mexcio eating times. You have your light breakfast and then an hour an a half later your real breakfast then 3 hours later your lunch and then 2 hours later your mid day snack, and then finally before we head out we make sure we have a predinner, just in case we have to run errands before heading home. All the food and its flavors takes me back to my rancho and those wonderful days spent in Mexico.

There are many more things about working in the International department that makes the job fun and easy, but I’ll finish this post with the third best part about it. The feeling of family. Latinos put family above everything. There’s nothing better than being able to work with family [that you can leave after 8 hours and not have to deal with them for the rest of the day, lol!]. These 4 ladies have made work so easy going. We trust each other, depend on each other, feed each other, listen to each other and give advise to each other. We are a family away from home, a family we can laugh with and even cry and the best part of it is that we understand each other, not only because we are females and go through similar things, but because we have the same roots, roots that share the same values, culture, and beliefs.

Going into International transportation has been by far the best job I have had. It gives me the opportunity to engage in my culture. It feeds me and listens to me. It goes beyond just containers, pick up and deliveries, invoices and forecasting. It takes me to and from the two countries that make up who I am.

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