Our New Digital Home

To billions of humans around the world, our new home is digital.

We wake, work, wallow and want in this new digital home — while our brains call for new mental models to understand and process this environment and ecosystem.

Our brains desire for authority in this new world, for institutions, must be answered, and that answers position is now being vyed for on the most massive of scales — both digitally and physically. But with the worlds information at the tips of your will and discipline, we are positioned now more than ever to be our own respective authorities.

In this new digital home, we have already won a great victory being projected as a great loss. You have not loss your privacy, you have gained it. You have not lost your free speech, you have gained it. The world is not less beautiful, it is more beautiful in its activity, progress, and ability to be appreciated in Digital’s connection of it’s information, resources, and humans.

We need not continue to carry the shame of failures of the past for we are re-born in the noise and action of humanity’s digital and real connection. You are not exposed, you are re-born.

Create the life you truly want, for now we truly have the ability to do so.

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