Recoil RDA: The Advanced RDA by Grimm Green and Ohm Boy

A super product resulted from the collaboration Grimm Green and Ohm Boy, the Recoil RDA provides an unmatched experience. It features a split center build deck, two dynamic top caps, and a three post. After a lot of research and experimentation, its design has been perfected with an angled airflow design.

What are its features?

The Recoil RDA by Grimm Green and Ohm Boy has a traditional configuration of three post and split center. These features make the build platform easy and convenient.

It has a deep juice well of 7mm. This extended range can store more than an adequate amount of juice. It is also a great make, in terms of its wick capacity.

  • Direct to coil experience

Since it has an angled airflow system, it allows a direct to coil experience. It enables airflow to throttle rapidly with the aid of the angled airflow design on both the sides of the reocid RDA.

Its design allows it relatively more space than other RDAs.

  • Exceptional and flavor rich experience

It has two dynamic top caps. One of the caps, called the Flavor Bro cap has 4 2.5 mm air slots. This is responsible for imparting a rich flavor experience to its user.

The second cap is called the Clouds Bro cap. This cap integrates 3 mm air slots that ensures a high-performance of the RDA. These air slots ensure that the user gets an intense flavor and a smooth taste.

This advanced RDA is a leak resistance. Its angled airflow design is fine tuned in order to prevent leaks if the juice is over dripped.

It has a beautiful and timeless look. It is made from high-quality stainless steel. Its matte gloss finish gives an air of elegance to it.

Besides providing a user friendly experience, the Recoil RDA is also easy to install. It has elevated negative post holes which help in mounting the coil easily.

The first collaboration of two leading brands, Grimm Green and Ohm Boy created a unique user experience through their product. Months of development and research has been put into its creation. It is not only convenient to use but also ensures a rich flavor. It is a high-quality rebuildable product that gives an unparalleled performance in terms of airflow, experience, usage and flavor.

Originally published at on July 29, 2017.

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