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Getting feedback from our sponsor

At the end of last week we were able to get feedback from our sponsor on our first round of ideation. That was helpful and important for us to be able to start with the second round of ideation.

Second Round of Ideation

Based on the feedback that we got from the class and our sponsor on the three directions that we presented last week, we began the second round of ideation after talking to three parent of children with ASD.

After reviewing the data that we had from our research, we diagramed our findings and highlighted the problems that parents face and the different opportunities that we can utilize.

Then we started a brainstorming session where each one of us came up with different ideas and shared them with the team. At the end of this brainstorming session we categorized our ideas, came up with the following problem spaces and chose the new directions that we presented last week.

Problem Spaces

● Difficult and time-consuming to track children’s data

● Difficult to learn how to deal with situations

● Complicated to figure out the causes of behaviors

● Need to educate teachers to deal with situations

● Feel Isolated

● People in school and public are judging

The slides that we presented infront of the class

Coming up with three scenario for user testing

Based on the suggestions that we got from Linda, we started to think about three different scenarios that we can show to participants. During this stage Meishen and Liusu focused on the different behaviours that children with ASD have and how these different behaviours can turn to different scenarios.

Taysser focused on the different scenarios that can result from the times when parents are with their children vs the times when they are not and how can that affect the amount of data that parents will be able to collect.

After that we all discussed about all these different scenarios and how they can affect our final product.

At the end we decided to share these scenarios with our sponsor to get more feedback.

Meeting with our sponsor at Microsoft Research

On friday we meet with our sponsor at Microsoft Research. She gave us a small tour around the building where we saw recent and previous projects that our sponsor has been working on.

After that we had a meeting for couple of hours where we shared our second ideation stage and the different scenarios that we came up with. During this meeting we also talked about our next steps and what we need to focus on during prototyping.

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