5 Tips to Maintain Healthy Skin in the Winter | ASEA

Winter is beautiful, especially if you’re lucky enough to get snow. Either way, the frosty air can bring enormous fun potential. Who doesn’t love strolls down snowy lanes, or crazy snowball fight chases? But winter skin that looks and feels harshly treated is not nearly as enjoyable. Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and it should be as well taken care of as your heart or lungs. Here are five great tips to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy.

1. Stay hydrated

Something about cold weather often makes us forget the importance of drinking enough water–which is the opposite of what we want. It’s tempting to drink something hot to warm up, but don’t forget to drink enough pure water, too. It turns out, cold and wind are natural dehydrators, making us need extra water in winter, especially if we go outside. Inside, though, furnaces can dry us up too. That’s why we need to be so careful about drinking enough. Make sure you get at least 8 glasses of water per day, and don’t forget your ASEA supplement to protect and strengthen your immune system and overall health.

2. Wear lots of layers

In winter, we often layer up to keep warm, which is great. Keeping our skin warm and dry does provide its own health and protection. But what we sometimes forget is to apply layers of moisturizer to our skin. Skin needs extra moisturization in winter, when it gets buffeted by wind, cold, and the occasional bare tree branch (that last one might just be me.) Another, extra layer of Ultra Replenishing Moisturizer or RENU 28 Revitalizing Redox Gel can protect your skin from nasty weather and other harsh skin-thrashings.

3. While you’re moisturizing your face, don’t forget about your hands

Our hands not only look nicer when they’re healthier, but keeping them comfortably moisturized can prevent nasty experiences with cracking or even bleeding. Even if you wear gloves outside, that may not be enough to protect you; sometimes you can feel more dried out by an indoor furnace than by the wind and cold. As you perform your twice-daily RENU Advanced regimen, feel free to use any leftover (already dispensed) Gel, Serum, or Moisturizer to keep your hands looking and feeling healthy and youthful.

4. If you enjoy winter sports and activities, don’t forget to protect your skin

It only takes your skin half an hour to freeze in zero degree weather, at a wind speed of 15 mph. That just happens to be about the same time and temperature as your average ski or snowboard run, or sometimes even your average snowman-building, depending on where you live. Riding on a fast ski lift or snowmobile can also definitely cause dryness or unreasonable aging. Furthermore, be aware that you can still sunburn when it’s cold out.

5. Be careful not to expose yourself to too much steam

Hot showers feel nice, and it’s understandable if you want to hop in when you’re chilled through. Sometimes the cold seems to seep right into your bones, and only warm water can get it out. However, hot showers cause redness and swelling, which in turn can cause faster wrinkling. Remember to keep your exposure to all of that heat and steam short, even if lingering in the shower sounds like fun in the moment. Showering in warm, not hot, water can also be helpful to the health of your skin.

Taking good care of your skin in winter can lead to healthier, more youthful looking skin year round. It’s important to look and feel healthy. And when you use RENU Advanced, you can appear even younger and healthier by reaching your skin’s needs on a cellular level.