ASEA Reviews Ho To Stay Healthy During The Holidays

’Tis that time of year again! Time for parties and mistletoe, tree trimming and hot cocoa, cookies and gift giving, and, regrettably, cold and flu season. Fortunately, your immune system is in place to battle the onslaught of winter illness. Unfortunately, it can’t fight off everything. That’s why it deserves a little help. Give your immune system a boost, and this time, start before Jack Frost pays his next visit. Your efforts will not only protect you against most illnesses but will also give your family the tools they need to maintain their health this winter.

Researchers are continually studying the complex human immune system and trying to figure out the perfect balance of health and wellness. Age, physical activity, and your diet play a large role in your overall health, and we have a few tips to take your health to the next level.

  • A general recommendation for physical activity is thirty minutes a day. Even a daily 30-minute walk has great benefits for your well-being. Adding ASEA® VIA™ LIfeMax as part of your daily routine provides your body with antioxidants, promotes healthy cell division, and promotes a healthy inflammatory response.
  • Make sure you are getting a good night’s sleep. Kids ages 6 to 13 need 9 to 11 hours of sleep. Teenagers need up to 10 hours, and adults need between 7 and 9 hours.
  • Don’t forget your gut. ASEA® VIA™ Biome is a robust, full spectrum probiotic that contains 16 probiotic strains and three prebiotics. The intestinal tract is the first line of defense between the outside world and the body. Having a healthy microbiome is important as it helps protect us from harmful germs.
  • Eat your fruits and veggies. I know it sounds easy, but sometimes it isn’t. That’s why we recommend ASEA® VIA™ Source. It’s made from whole foods, like fruits and vegetables, and supports cellular health, general nutrition, and wellness throughout the body.
  • Lastly, wash your hands. Keeping your hands clean is one of the most important steps you can take to avoid getting sick. The Center for Disease Control recommends washing with soap for a minimum of 20 seconds, and always washing after using the restroom and before preparing food.

Even the healthiest of food choices may not give you all the nutrition you need, and ASEA VIA products can fill in the nutrition gaps. This state-of-the-art supplement system is a great step toward complete, long-term wellness through a whole-food micronutrient complex, a full-spectrum probiotic, and a vitality formula that supports an active lifestyle. Try it out and you’ll get to see the results for yourself!