Cellular Health and ASEA

Photo credit: cosmin4000

Our cells are constantly dying and replacing themselves, but the rate at which they do affects several aspects of our health and appearance, specifically how fast (or slow) we age. Cells don’t operate on a calendar year. This is why babies and children seem to grow before our eyes, while adults may seem to look the same for several years without much change.

There are several factors that affect the rate of renewal and health of our cells, which directly affects the health of our whole body. Here are some of the things to watch out for to achieve optimal health and youthful vitality:

  1. Free radicals

Free radicals can be found in the body from many different sources. Our own bodies create them when two oxygen atoms break apart, forming two individual oxygen atoms looking for something else to pair with. When they try to pair with other atoms with different functions, we can experience sickness, disease, or several other forms of malfunction within the body. Environmental sources of free radicals include pollution, charred meat, cigarettes, radiation, and herbicides. Antioxidants can help lower free radicals in your body, and can be found in various fruits and vegetables and in many supplements.

2. Stress and Inflammation

It’s hard to imagine that our feelings and emotions can affect our cells, but our body reacts physiologically to stress and anxiety with fluctuating hormones and increased inflammation. You might associate inflammation with swelling or redness when you get an injury, but inflammation can also be caused by a poor diet filled with artificial sugars and processed foods.

3. Sleep

When your cells are busy keeping you going throughout the day they don’t have much of a chance to focus on healing and regeneration. Sleep is critical to the health of your cells simply because sleep is when your cells can focus their energy on recharging and regeneration.

4. Poor nutrition

The importance of nutrition cannot be understated. The inflammation caused by a poor diet contributes heavily toward heart disease and some cancers. Without the antioxidants from fruits and vegetables, our body will have higher levels of free radicals, which are responsible for diseases, cancer, and several other ailments. Even the effects of aging can be slowed by adequate nutrition and proper supplementation through products like those offered by ASEA with redox signaling molecules, intended to help our cells regenerate quicker.