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Braam Malherbe is a passionate conservationist whose extreme adventures are motivated by his life-long goal of protecting the environment. He embarks on expeditions to raise awareness of the planet’s condition. His motivational speaking plays a large role in Braam’s mission of raising awareness.

Braam’s DOT Foundation (DOT stands for Do One Thing) supports those who provide education and assistance to one of these four areas of focus: water, energy, conservation, and waste.

The Journey from Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro

To get from Cape Town, South Africa to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, you need to travel over 4,000 miles (6,600 kilometers) of the Atlantic Ocean. Options for this travel include:

  • 7–8 hour commercial flight
  • 1–2 week luxury cruise
  • 2–4 week yacht race
  • 3-month rowboat voyage

A 3-month rowboat voyage from Cape to Rio is Braam’s most recent adventure to raise environmental awareness. This route has never been rowed before, and the 3-month time frame is a rough estimate, at best.

Braam’s rowing voyage was sponsored by ASEA. You can use the following links to observe the South Atlantic journey as it progresses:

The Mission

This simple idea that real change can occur by doing one thing is the platform on which Braam has started a movement. Many global conditions are reaching a breaking point that could dramatically affect the future of our planet. Braam’s mission is to reverse past and current behaviors and practices that are harming our environment to ensure a healthy future for generations to come.

To expedite global change with his DOT Challenge, Braam knew that a mobile app would increase accessibility and bring together passionate conservationists from around the world. In a social-media-style setting, people can follow other people’s projects and adventures to create a force for planet-wide change. To launch this platform, Braam needed an adventure to help it gain traction.

The Cape to Rio Rowing Team

A team of sponsors, developers, and planning experts were needed for the Cape to Rio row and the DOT Challenge app launch. And one of the most important members of Braam’s team would be an adventurous co-pilot to accompany him on the lengthy mission. Braam’s rowing partner was Wayne Robertson. The two became strong companions and shipmates.

ASEA has like-minded principles that value enlarging small individual efforts for the cause of positive change, and we’re proud to become one of the first platinum sponsors of the Cape to Rio voyage. We are proud to see the ASEA logo on the side of Braam’s boat as it embarks on a journey to raise awareness for the environment.

Troubled Waters

After making painstaking plans to launch the DOT Challenge app on New Year’s Day of 2017, the same day the Cape2Rio racers set sail, gale-force winds and onshore swells kept Braam from beginning his row. What was planned to be a 72-hour delay was then extended by continued adverse weather, a wildfire near Braam’s home, an illness to his rowing partner, and data transmission failures.

Many bumps in the road befell Braam’s Cape to Rio expedition, delaying it more than a month. The DOT Challenge was set to start on January 1, 2017, on the same day the Cape2Rio yacht racers were set to start. Strong winds kept Braam from starting his voyage. The weather delay was only expected to last 72 hours. But additional weather delays, a wildfire, his rowing partner becoming ill, and failures in data transmission delayed the expedition even further.

By the time February arrived, more challenges arose as Braam’s original rowing partner, Clyde Barendse, was withdrawn from the voyage. After 37 days of setbacks, ideal weather gave the perfect opportunity to finally begin the journey. With Wayne Robertson’s generous willingness to be Braam’s rowing partner, the team began their rowing adventure on Tuesday, February 7, 2017.

You Can Do One Thing Too!

The DOT Challenge app launched on time, and is now available for all mobile devices:

Support Braam Malherbe and other like-minded friends of the earth around the world by downloading the app. There is power in small efforts, and those efforts are magnified when they are shared. All we each need is to Do One Thing!

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