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Juliana is Doing it for a Greater Good

Juliana, attendee of COP20 and a recent graduate from NUS, is one of our youth organising committee members of ASEAN Power Shift (APS). Juliana does not find it difficult at all to make positive changes in her routines, at which she finds no reason not to offer herself doing it for a greater good.

Here she comes on board this year organizing APS to help align ASEAN youth position and prepare them for COP 21 climate negotiation. Let’s listen to what she tells us about climate change.

JC: Juliana Chia (YOC, Treasurer) CK: Candy Ko (YOC, PR)

CK: Can you tell our readers why climate change relates to them?

JC: In many people’s perception, climate change is about rising temperatures; but indeed many cascading effects that can affect even our economic equilibrium such as social inequality and poverty from unprepared resource run-outs.

CK: What are the sources you identified to cause climate change?

JC: From my study, I would say burning of fossil fuels, excessive consumption creating obscene waste volume, and ignorance of the issue in general populations.

CK: As a Geography major, what is your best tool to tell climate change?

JC: Infographic I think. Tend to show graphs of increasing CO2 levels that correspond to our global temperature rise and pH level drop in our oceans.

CK: Why are our generations having all the advantages and opportunities to combat climate change?

JC: We have scientific evidence now; previous generations were busy collecting these and we get the results. We have financial capability as well.

CK: What’s your belief behind bringing ASEAN youth together for climate change?

JC: I believe everyone can take a step and by stepping forward together, we multiply our efforts. COP20 (climate change conference last year) did strengthen my belief to get more active in environmental movements.

CK: What are your words to youth in making conscious decisions and forming positive habits for climate change?

JC: Let’s start small — refuse plastic bags, stop buying bottled water, reduce before reusing and do both before recycling.

Look forward to seeing our climate bees in APS? Register here:

See you all on 24–26 July!

More about Juliana CHIA

Juliana Chia is our Treasurer in Youth Organizing Committee member for ASEAN Power Shift. She is a recent graduate in Geography, NUS.


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