NBA Tip Off

I’m switching off the topic of baseball briefly to address the first day of the NBA season even though I’m a week late. This will be a very brief review of the Spurs vs Warriors game.

So the Spurs enter the season with many questions, the biggest is how will they continue without future first ballot hall of famer Tim Duncan? Well the answer to that would be the young 2 time Defensive Player of the Year in Kwahi Leanard. He can now take over his team. I’m thinking that’s some pretty good hands to put it in.

Well I can say that nobody expected the Spurs to blow out the defending Western Conference Champion, Golden State Warriors. They had all aspects of their game working. It’s such a pleasure to watch good fundamental team basketball at work. Since that is such a rare sight in todays NBA. The Spurs played a good game, but if you ask coach Pop he would be the first to point out all the things that they need to work on. This was a good start to the season, but still only the first game (Spurs are now 4–0). After one game I hope that so many people won’t overreact. Will the Spurs dominate the Warriors by 29 every time they play them, of course not and anyone who believes that obviously doesn’t know much about the game of basketball. At the same time should no one think this is a fluke. The San Antonio Spurs are a great basketball team and organization. I expect for the 20th year in a row (tying an NBA record) we will see the Spurs in the playoffs playing for yet another NBA Championship. #GoSpursGo #realfranchise

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