Recreating the Incident, looking into Probable Carelessness

With continuous increase in population at a breath neck pace, construction of new industries and production processes are simultaneously rising. No matter where we work and where we live, the hazards of urbanization are constantly lurking at close corners.

It is the responsibility of every one of us to make our working environment safe. One major element to ensure this is via sharing information. If we encounter a hazard or condition which may have resulted in an accident or a near miss, it is important that the information related to such hazards or conditions and safe methods are shared with others as soon as possible. Sharing of information visually shall equip people to encounter conditions with more safety.

It is the moral, legal, social, economic and financial requirement to maintain and promote good standards of health and safety at the workplace.

It has been found that education via visual representation integrated with sound interface is more effective as compared to others. Visual learning evokes the two most important senses of human anatomy simultaneously i.e. eyes and ears. This results in transformation of information to the brain in a format, which is easiest to capture and retain for a longer duration. In conjunction, if you play the same multimedia to same participant after a period again, it refreshes information embedded in the nervous system, triggered by the visuals only.

Recreation of incident helps in:-

  • Creating awareness about the identified hazards and safe methods to mitigate them,
  • Visual representation boosts the effectiveness of the information that is passed on,
  • It is very useful for the instructors to demonstrate things visually, exactly how they want to, since they have control of every aspect of animation,
  • Real-life experiences are not readily available, but an animated trip in the past brings the learner some feeling of what it must have been like,
  • Easily & efficiently distributed among multiple locations as it is digital in nature,
  • Recreation of Incident/Accident via animation allows doing things that would be extremely hard to do in real life.

With advancement in technology, importance of visual art in training is increasing world over, ranging from small and medium enterprises to giant conglomerates. Recreation of Incident is most popular program now days to create awareness about the hazards and safe methods to counter them.

Nowadays there are many free videos available on YouTube which one can use as an online platform to deliver trainings.

For free safety animated videos, visit: —

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