Who is a successful person? I look around , at so many individuals, some are excelling at what they are doing, some struggling and some trying to accept the fact which life is trying to shove down their throat “you are a failure”. Most of it is measured on the basis of the amount of money your making, generally.

Now everyone who is successful has few things in common, in whatsoever field they might be in. Ambition, obsession, determination , desire to be filthy rich etc etc.

As I see it, all you need to be successful is being one dimensional in the early one third of your life. Having knowledge, interest , passion only for one specific field of work and being blank, ignorant, uninterested in everything else and most probably youll make it.

It doesnt matter if you are someone who is absolutely a pain in the ass to talk to. It doesnt matter if you have no personality, no charm, nothing soul touching or interesting to say as long as youre making good money you are successful. And people might look up to you.

Now, what if the criteria to measure success changes. How knowledgable you are about the world around you, your perspectives, your observations,your emotional quotient, your happiness and your ability of not compromising your freedom for anything which society thrusts as a norm to be followed , is the real measure of success. Only your experiences of the feeling, sights, words, art ,history, the science that runs this universe ,humanity and goodness count as success.

How many people do you think will fail to fall in the category of successful people?

The point I am trying to make here is that the society has got it all wrong in the way it measures success.

Whether I was successful in making my point or not, is upto you all , which is ironic.