Welcome to fall and winter riding — all you need to embrace the change in the seasons

You don’t need us to tell you all that’s magnificent about the change in the seasons, but you may need navigation to dress aptly. We revere the gradual drop in the temperature and the consequent slide down the mercury, welcoming the golden hues, the slow uncloaking of the trees down to their bare branches, the quieter roads and the fresher mornings. Right now the summer’s heat may still be hot on our necks, so it is perhaps a challenge to remember the cooler climates of fall and winter, but with these two great seasons on the horizon it’s time to think about riding.

From the sweltering heat of summer through to the cold, and, yes, unfortunately often disagreeable weather of winter, you’ll find us clipping in and riding out come rain or shine from our HQ in Southern Switzerland. Why, you may ask? Well, here are our top 5 reasons for riding in fall and winter.

1 - It’s time to take the mountains back: After the madness of the summer, where camping cars, tourists and motorcycle riders descend on those idyllic mountain passes, the change in season gives us a few weeks to reclaim the roads for ourselves. Admittedly they may not be basking in that same warm sunshine, but the roads will soon escape the clutches of cars and they’re yours for the taking. Just make sure you’re dressed for the drop in the mercury.

2 - Dip into a new colour palette: Who does not like those rich hues of orange and red that replace the green of summer as the seasons change?

3 - It’s an excuse to wear a different outfit: OK, you’re right; summer is pretty mindless when it comes to apparel choice, which means it perhaps isn’t such a bad thing when it comes to extending the clothing that you use and dipping further into that wardrobe. After all we, like you, love all of the ASSOS pieces that we own.

4 - Those beautiful long shadows: The rays of summer are good at keeping you warm when you ride, but as the earth changes its orbit around the sun, the long shadows of fall and winter add a little bit more drama to those rides and scenery that we all know so well.

5 - Because we don’t have any excuse not to: Now we’ve reached the crux of our reasons: We’ve worked hard over the past four decades to create products that give you no excuses to get out there. And they work. See for yourself. And check out our new W16 collection here.

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