It was the beginning of the thirteenth century and charcoal burners were present in the Windsor Forest. Charcoal burners needed a royal license to burn timber for making charcoal or for use in forging iron. It seems that the king and the lords claimed all woodland powers, mostly of course, to hunt the stag. So, as the medieval story goes, Fulk FitzWarin, was sent in childhood to the court of Henry II. At court, he often quarreled with prince John. He was a Shropshire gentleman, but was later dispossessed and driven out as an outlaw. Later, when Fulk learned that…

“twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are…”

Some would say that Space has always beckoned them.

Some would say the Space is the “Sound of Silence”.

Some would say that humankind is on the verge of the most audacious adventure ever, if we listen to the song.

Space is the final frontier, full of wonderment, full of adventure, full of hopes and dreams, full a danger and the unknown, full of vastness and a quest of indeterminable proportions.

And yet for all its unknowns, it seems closer now than at anytime in history.

The question then presents…

As you most likely are aware rockets have stages. This of course is done to ensure the proper trajectory and specialized usage of each stage. Most rockets have 2 stages, one to achieve orbit, and the next to sustain orbit. The first stage is usually very large and extremely powerful, noisy and useless after the launch, and the second is more precise and equipped with the sensitive instrumentation to maintain the mission.

Rocket Man | Space X

Recently, we read about “Rocket Man”,one of Elon Musk’s adventures. Exciting as this may be, and we all encourage the same, it will have little to do with…

This Universal Declaration is a milestone document in the history of human exploration. It will serve as an outline for the future expansion of humankind into the vast reaches of space presented as a common standard of achievements for all peoples and all nations.

It sets out, for the first time, the fundamental and self-evident recognition of the right of all humankind to the vast wealth of space now within our grasp. Furthermore, it supports an unchallengeable position that each and every human being has the right to claim the incomprehensible wealth of space and to receive the benefits therefrom.


Time is an incredible thing. It is hard to define it, other than to say it seems to have a direction, a place it is going and a place it is coming from with a present that we seem to effortlessly stay within. Yes, the now of our being is all we have.

Space, it would seem, is timeless, measured in incomprehensible snippets we graciously call “light-years”. But what is that to us. For one “light-year” represents more than all the history we can conceive. Space-time cannot even be measured in generations or from any historic basis. Yet, it seems…

It’s T-Minus 96 hours and counting.

There is good news to be sure… over 4.3 million ASTRcoins® have been distributed to many loyal groups. There are almost 200,000 followers on Facebook and 10’s of thousands members in the Asteroid Society and other social media. Several media outlets have expressed interest in doing special stories on the most unique and functional use of the blockchain, called a BlockClaim®.

Soon several exchanges will be engaged. Hence, the ASTRcoin® will be listed in the next several weeks. All contributors will see several marketplaces open to us soon.

All exciting news, as we press…

Some say that blockchain technology and the concept of a decentralized immutable ledger is built on a system of networks providing a constantly available examination of information, history and a complete cryptologically secure audit trail. Blockchain is revolutionizing transactional record keeping.

Asteroid Ltd.’s BlockClaim® system will provide a trustworthy and historical longevity record utilizing blockchain technology.

So lets delve into some of the “geek speak” to understand the logic behind our system. The scope of our endeavor to create a significant claims registry. The system, being created, envisions elements of unpermissioned and permissioned nodes. …

“…activities carried out in outer space and whatever benefits might be accrued from outer space should be devoted to enhancing the well-being of all countries and humankind, with an emphasis on promoting international cooperation” UN Outer Space Treaty 1967

So here we are in 2018. All the press says the first “trillionaires” will be mining asteroids. Fact is, one asteroid alone is worth 10 Quadrillion dollars … NASA and Arizona State University will launch a future mission to an asteroid worth so much money, it could literally solve the world’s debt of close to $60 trillion dollars.

Psyche 16 _ Worth 10 Quadrillion Dollars

So it’s a…

How do we democratize outer space? It is a BIG question. It is also one that Asteroid Ltd aims to answer with the BlockClaim®.

Mind you it won’t be just “us” to do it but rather it will be all who join in the project. The 1967 Outer Space Treaty states that Space belongs to all Humankind. This means that it already belongs to you and I by simply being a part of Humankind. However, there will need to be a system to track which of us has claim to what part of the vast resources of space. We feel…

Asteroid, Ltd.

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