How to Democratize Space: 101

How do we democratize outer space? It is a BIG question. It is also one that Asteroid Ltd aims to answer with the BlockClaim®.

Mind you it won’t be just “us” to do it but rather it will be all who join in the project. The 1967 Outer Space Treaty states that Space belongs to all Humankind. This means that it already belongs to you and I by simply being a part of Humankind. However, there will need to be a system to track which of us has claim to what part of the vast resources of space. We feel that this presents Humankind with a fantastic opportunity to learn from the past and grant access to all the people of the earth in a real way. In the past when new resources have been discovered there has been a “Power” who claims these for themselves. Sometimes that “Power” takes the form of a Government, such is the case in Australia where the Crown still to this day has the rights to all mining resources in the country and one must pay to the Crown if you want to mine there. Sometimes these “Powers” are simply individuals of means or more commonly known as the “Rich and Powerful”. Be assured that the space race which has begun between the world’s elite (Jeff Bezos, Larry Page, Elon Musk to name a few) may not be entirely altruistic as being able to afford your own billion dollar space ship and cherry pick $700 Quintillion Dollars of value from asteroids gives you a nice pay day.

Therefore, we submit that a claiming system be established here and now. The system we submit is the BlockClaim ecosystem. This will be a Blockchain Distributed Public Ledger where for $10 USD equivalent registration payment in ASTRcoin secures on the Blockchain your claim of $1,000,000 USD value against any available Asteroid that has been identified and entered into the BlockClaim ecosystem. In this way everyone can start making their claims in Space now leveling the playing field for access. You don’t have to be billionaire to get in. Instead you only need $10 USD worth of ASTR in your ERC20 Wallet. Future uses for ASTRcoin where companies who will head out and physically mine these resources can pay royalties to the BlockClaim holders for the resources they mine. Which means even if a BlockClaim holder does not themselves travel to Space to mine their claim, they can still realize the value of the claim in a tangible way.

As people unite and support the BlockClaim system as stronger unified voice rings out to establish this democratized access as the standard for how we begin anew in Space.