Rockets _ A Metaphor

As you most likely are aware rockets have stages. This of course is done to ensure the proper trajectory and specialized usage of each stage. Most rockets have 2 stages, one to achieve orbit, and the next to sustain orbit. The first stage is usually very large and extremely powerful, noisy and useless after the launch, and the second is more precise and equipped with the sensitive instrumentation to maintain the mission.

Rocket Man | Space X

Recently, we read about “Rocket Man”,one of Elon Musk’s adventures. Exciting as this may be, and we all encourage the same, it will have little to do with our lives, our financial stability and our personal future. He is and remains to be quite the visionary.

But a simple question remains. Will space be for the few, the wealthy, the empire and the sovereign; or will it be for us?

So now comes the sweet metaphor, the idea that lets us see clearly and understand better that which may lie before us. As we launch what is quite possibly the greatest opportunity humankind ever conceived, we, each of us can and must claim for ourselves what has been given to us. The task is immense, the opportunity is unequaled in the history of humankind. Yet, here we are at the apex of this adventure, our daily lives surround us with demands and many things to do, but for a moment, in brevity and reasonableness we implore you to consider a future where you and the many partake in the much and the most that the space will offer. It is but ours for the asking. Too much says the pen that memorializes these words, and yet is it? Is it too much to believe that we, you and I , can and must reach to the stars and make them ours? We are building what will be an immutable, distributed ledger of this for you and our posterity. It will and must be remembered. While the explorers, as Space X and others do their thing let us do our part and become one of the many, many millions of claimants that will revolutionize space and be on the frontier in spirit and in being as the opportunity affords us.

Some would say these are high sounding words, but who would of thought that a private individual in a private company would dare to go to Mars and beyond? Yet here we are. Who would have thought that we, you and I could claim what has been given to us by treaty and our own inalienable right. But here you are!

Join us, tell others.

STAGE ONE _ Completed

Whew! We’re launched and flying high…

As with any launch much preparation and forethought goes into it. Then we pray a little, we hope a lot and off we go. Asteroid, ltd. has had a successful ICO, with over 217,000 followers, 2000 plus token holders and 4.7 million ASTRcoins® distributed. It’s a great start, but no comes the techy part. Orbiting and maintaining orbit needs quite a lot of finesse.

STAGE TWO _ Deployment

Listing the ASTRcoin® On New Exchanges
Developing Several Strategic Partnerships
Building Significant Market Capitalization
Creating Strong Reasons to Purchase ASTRcoin® as a Currency and as an Investment

The A-Team will provide Special Opportunities for ICO Participants:

An “ALPHA” pre-claim for early-adopters
A Friends and Family pre-claim referral system

The A-Team has rolled up it sleeves and is preparing a special website for ICO participants and Friends a & Family to participate in the early claiming rights to approx 50 of the most exciting asteroids.

It is an exciting time for all of us as we reach to the stars and make them ours. The “alpha” program will be limited to 100,000 claims. We have an exclusive arrangement with the Asteroid Society.

The process will be simple:

Step One: Become a member of the Asteroid Society

Step Two: Make your Pre-BlockClaim® in the “alpha” system

Step Three: Use one of three methodologies

ICO Participants will has first rights | ASTR |
Credit Card Transactions
Crypto Currency Transactions| ETH | BTC |LTC | is the new website being developed that will provide all of the information.

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