You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!

Let’s take a look at the headlines…

Here we go again. Most real “Cryptocurrency” folks know the writing is on the wall. In the beginning of 2017 only about .04% of the worlds population was involved in “Crypto-Currencies”. Although it is hard, quite hard in fact, to estimate total users, the newest estimates as we round the corner into 2018, is anywhere from 1.5–2.5 % of the worlds population involved. Of course, the reason for the discrepancies is related to the multiple addresses each user has and how many of those addresses are actually being used. A simple comparison may be how many bank account numbers a particular bank may have against how many of those accounts are active.

Suffice to say the “game” has not begun. Let’s do a little comparison. Internet absorption rates, the total users who actually use the internet grew exponentially from 2005 on. It took from 1990 until 2005 to reach one billion users, approx.15 years, 6 years more to reach the next one billion users, 3 years more to reach the next and 2 years to reach the next billion users. All this to say, not unlike the Internet, the adoption rate of “Crypto-Currency’s” is at its nascent stage. BUT, let’s look at the the next chart

The telephone was launched in 1878. It took 75 years to reach 100 million users, Facebook took 4 years and Instagram took 2 years to reach 100 million users, while Candy Crush went to100 million users in more or less than a year.

Exponential growth is hard to deal with. We are creatures of habit and, as such, we tend to understand things in a linear fashion, from those little marks on the doorpost of our home our parents would loving scratch, indicating our growth, to the way we always order the same drink at Starbucks. Habit rules our lives yet exponential change is around us is often hidden to us. It does not equate to our present day-to-day life and we then miss the winds of change that are among us. Of course, all change is not necessarily good and change for change sake does not accomplish much other than to disrupt our lives.

If you are reading this, thus far, I surmise you are one of those inquisitive ones who need to know what is happening on this old orb. Frankly, what is happening is earth shattering. What used to be a time when we could “ease” into things, like 75 years to get a phone, has now become a mad rush, it would seem. Look at this chart, 25 years for Windows to one billion users and 6.8 for Facebook. Seems like things are speeding up.

Look here and let this chart sink in a bit. It states as of the end of 2017 there are now over 4 billion Internet users. But look at the distribution… 49.2% ASIA!

This is a significant number to understand. Where the numbers are the growth is. The old paradigms are failing and the new economy is emerging.

2018–2019 are predicted to be the years that “Crypto-Currencies” will become mainstream, with significant growth. The “Law-of-Large-Networks” is at play here. The above charts implore us to listen to their song. Some say music is math and math music. Let us listen as these numbers sing a song of remarkable social and financial change; as people worldwide are allowed to directly communicate with each other; as people worldwide are allowed to interact with each other both financially and socially; as multi-nationals loose their grip on innovation and design; as the one can speak to the many and the many can respond.

The ability to be and do on the world scene is before us now.

But there is more…

As Space becomes more than a dream many of us will ponder and wander into its vastness. How this expansion will affect our daily lives in reality remains with us. There is money, lots of money, to be made of course. But is there not more than this? Is there not the ability to dream and see the vastness, the beauty, the challenge and the hope that the exploration of space may bring us.

Let us use this opportunity wisely and let it be for each of us individually and corporately, worldwide. It is ours. As humankind has connected itself in these few short years by the magic of these “zero’s and one’s” running at the speed of light through routers and switches and devices bringing some of our most valued corporations to life. Let us, the now connected, bring an immutable and decentralized opportunity to enjoy the rewards of what Space may have in store for us. It as simple as making our claim; and the world will follow and we shall be part of a revolution that will become as everyday as that coffee you buy and the social network you share and the silly games you play.

It is up to you and we and them. It is our heritage and our right. Join us then in this quest. Buy an ASTRcoin®, make a BlockClaim® and become part of what is next… Space — The Final Frontier!

The A-Team