Indeed, agreed on “incompleteness”, which even extends to mathematics thanks to Gödel.
Yes architects are predisposed to synthesised thinking, “synergising silos” as I call it. Our training further enhances this lateral, holistic way of thinking.
So it’s an “irrational pursuit of the rational” pattern recognition and making. However I wouldn’t go so far as to say it all boils down to one elementary optimisation co-efficient, just that nature’s information-processing is most facilitated when we also see these irreducible, maximally integratable, optimal, analogical and recursive (creative, adaptive & resilient) geometries.
These persistent #SynPlexity patterns and emergent properties (ultimately derived I suspect from E8 & ER=EPR geometries at our current limits of understanding), lead me to what’s actually a very venerable viewpoint going back to Plato; that the multiverse (that we most probably live in), is at least analogous to a living ecosystem in deep time over many generations in an arbitrarily large, Cantorian p-adic tree, to a self-organised critical, edge of chaos, poised realm #CosmoGaia:
I share some of the references for our #AsynsisConstructal and related self-organised design positions here:


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Architect+Designer, Complexity geometer, Sustainability advocate, TEDx speaker, Asynsis principle: More for Less, Form follows Flow

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