Why Physicists Are Saying Consciousness Is A State Of Matter, Like a Solid, A Liquid Or A Gas
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φ-Phi vrs Orch-OR Consciousness:

As Above, So Below.

Dialogue over 2014 following the Towards a Science of Consciousness Conference, Tuscon, Arizona, 2014 between Stuart Hameroff MD and Nigel Reading RIBA:

The role of shared Asynsis geometries in two rival leading theories of consciousness, the classical computational Phi-Integrated Information Theory of Giulio Tononi and the quantum-gravity computational Orchestrated Objective Reduction Theory of Roger Penrose & Stuart Hameroff (part of the new quantum biology paradigm) — can their common Asynsis geometries of dynamical systems Universality be the bridge?

An #asynsis geometric (#universality holographic-fractal event-horizons — both external/before and internal/after), approach to the “Hard problem”…with #ERequalsEPR quantum-criticality/poised realm/classical self-organised critical bridging.

Consciousness, the unitary self — as an internal model of our external reality, one that is at least geometrically analogous (if not quantum entangled in a holographic #ERequalsEPR way), to the entire universe (or even a landscape multiverse), but in microcosm; all for the simple reason that 1 can be divided an infinity of times, with the most complex, irrationally rational, integrated and irreducible means being the same Pythagorean-Penrose Φ — ★ geometry that links both φ-Phi and Orch-OR.

A cosmos (meaning both people and the universe in Greek), that is like a (quantum-critical) tree, with each sentient lifeform being a leaf on that tree; all linked non-locally by a Bohmian, holographic, wormhole/entanglement “proto-conscious” field.

Hanging Out Where I Left Off by Larry Beasley
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