A List of Hate Groups and the Web Hosting Companies that Host Them (with contact info and Terms of Use Links)

The title says it all: This is a list of various hate groups in the U.S., including many of those that marched recently in Charlottesville, along with the companies that host their websites. I’ve also added the contact information and “terms of use” policy for those host, where I could find it.

I am not suggesting any particular use for this information, nor condone any action done with this information. For example, I am neither suggesting nor condoning:

  • That you call any or all of these companies to ask why they continue to host the webpages for these violent hate groups
  • That you call out these hosting companies on social media for continuing to do business with hate groups
  • That you point out the exact places in these companies’ own terms of use policy that would prohibit hosting web pages by these hate groups
  • That you tell these hosting companies that you intend to tell others that they are hosting hate groups, and the impact that will have on their business

If you have further suggestions for information to add, see after the chart.

There may be information to add or update here. So, you can see a publicly editable version of the table here.

Though this took time, all the sources I used were public and within easy reach of a few Google searches. So go ahead and try it yourself.

Initial sources included the Southern Poverty Law Center, hostingdetector.com, www.webhostinghero.com, and, of course, these groups’ own web sites.