Do people really still go to movies?
Brian F

I want to preface this by saying I don’t mean it to sound judgey or condescending because a lot gets lost online, but maybe you’re just not finding the other smaller, interesting, original movies that are out there (whether because of lack of time or effort, or some other reason)?

To name just a couple that I’ve seen recently, Personal Shopper and Colossal (both covered by the Ringer coincidentally), were unique, affecting movies that owe no lineage to the genres you mentioned. Get Out is still on my list, and Free Fire is another unique smaller movie out right now. At any given moment a list of small, interesting movies like that could be 4–6 films long depending on release cycles.

Add that to smaller movies that ended up being critical darlings over the last couple years, like Room and Spotlight, and it starts to look like there’s a wealth of non-blockbuster content out there if you take the time to find it. Accessibility in some regions of the country that may not be able to support carrying movies like that may be another issue, but I think the idea that there’s nothing out there but superheroes, sequels, and remakes is off base.

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