Find out how a movie scene made me stand up again after a failure.

I started to seek internship opportunities in Digital Marketing field, during my compulsory military service. I had the opportunity to conduct an interview with a Digital Marketing agency which creates social media campaigns for customers like Oral B, Bayer and other huge brands in the Beauty industry. Unfortunately, the result of the interview was unsuccessful. The final answer made me feel so disappointed. I lost every “grammar” of mine ambition.

I returned back into my military daily routine as a soldier. I watched accidentally during my military night duty the last battle of Rocky Balboa on television. Actually, I don’t prefer this kind of movies, but this scene was definitive for me. It motivated me a lot.

How this scene made me to stand up again?

  • Rocky’s willpower to stand up again after a lot of punches made me to feel stronger, to struggle again like before.
  • Rocky’s courage optimized mine.
  • His power to stand up in the last second was changed radically my mood.
  • He got up, fought as a champion and won the game at the end. We have to fight like him every day. We have to stand up in the last minute after strong punches on our faces and struggle again as champions.


“And when I fail I will stand up again.”

Fellows don’t give up easily. Chase every day your dreams, if a failure makes you fall like me, find motivation out there, boost your confidence with several ways believe in your skills, work smarter and stand up again. You will be the champion in the end! Just STRUGGLE! Don’t let anyone fall you down!

Antonis Spyridakis

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