Make the difference as a Millennial

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I belong to Millennials Generation, which it means:

  • Addicted to Technology and Photography as well.
  • Addicted to Traveling and Adventure.
  • An Active User on Social Media ( Especially on Twitter, LinkedIn,Instagram and Facebook.)
  • I was born in 1988.

If you read my article at this moment, it means you are a Millennial who wants to make the difference. You have graduated recently from your school and you are looking for ways to be a special Millennial who stands out from the crowd, or you want to move faster in your personal career without work experience. According to Buddha, the best solution to make the difference is to CREATE what you imagine.

My fellows. Initially, imagine yourself to work at your favorite company. How is possible to make it happen, how is possible to convince the recruiters to hire you without any work experience beside other Millennials? First of all you should start with your personal branding. You should create an outstanding personal branding. How?

1) Create your own website to promote yourself

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Start your own website to pitch yourself. Pitch yourself like a start-up company. For example, Who are you, what problems could you solve, what’s your value proposition from other Millennials and so on. When you create an own website from scratch, you build your Programming and Web Design skills as well. Automatically, you make the difference from others.

2) Create an Outstanding Resume

Recruiters every day see a lot of resumes. They dedicate approximately 10 seconds to read your resume. Do you want to conduct a job interview with the Recruiter of your favorite company? It’s time to CREATE an Outstanding Resume. Forget every ready template for resumes. You should create your resume from scratch. Make the difference and book your ticket for a job interview in your favorite company.

3) Build your Skills Every Day

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Is better to build your skills every day, than waste your time on Social Media. You can discover out there a lot of websites which can help you to build or improve your skills. You can find tutorials, courses, webinars for free. For example, start to build your writing skills. I recently read an article of Bianca Bass about writing. She says that “Writing is an investment in your future and your potential”.

Start with these things to make the difference as a Millennial. I will come back soon with new tips.

I want to close this article with a motivational quote for every Millennial.

When you believe in what you’re doing and use your imagination and initiative, you can make a difference.
-Samuel Dash

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