Amazon Removes 1-Star Reviews of Hillary Clinton’s Book

I’ll submit one review per day until one is accepted.

Last year when I read and posted a review of Clinton and Kaine’s Stronger Together nonsense campaign word salad, it was quickly removed. I shrugged it off, thinking it was par for the course. Two or three months later, a reader said, “Hey, your review is #1 on that book.”


Yeah — it reappeared somehow, some way, some time.

I’ve already gone on record as saying Hillary Clinton’s What Happened may be the worst political memoir ever written. It’s the worst book I’ve ever finished reading.

Amazon rejected the first specific, in-depth review I wrote. It violated their terms of service, they said. I couldn’t see how. There was no profanity. It contained several quotes from the book. It simply said the book was ill-advised, contradictory, and noted several things I pointed out in my Medium review.

I did a second review and it just went “poof!” No acknowledgement, no rejection, no email, nothing.

So this time, I took a screen shot.

One of the screen shots is the Pony quote

So, just like Vaclav Havel says, I’ll keep putting a review every day no matter what Amazon does.

Oh — here’s a review for my first novel, which is prescient about Trump and this whole mess. I didn’t know what I was doing. I just write what I hear and see.

You can tell it’s “fake” because the person refers to my first book as a novel. It’s a collection of short fiction and poetry.

This isn’t a real name. It’s a pseudonym. I didn’t know who Randolph Calverhall was for a long time. Learning who he was led me to realize that nearly every female author writing sci fi, nonfiction, or about other non-traditional-female topics had one, or dozens, of such reviews. An author of color, especially female, had many of these. Alice Walker and Toni Morrison had hundreds.

I honestly do not know why a person using this pseudonym would write a single review of one book — and it would be my first novel!

My publisher asked that Amazon remove this review because it was obviously a false review with a fake name, and the fake name happened to be the pseudonym of America’s most famous white supremacist William Pierce, who also is rumored to have authored the Turner Diaries. That book and the Serpent’s Path inspired the Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, I learned while writing Bomb Scares and Coping with Terrorism.

Amazon not only declined to remove this review, it has been copied over and over, and is on the Audible version of the book. It refuses to die.

Well you know what, Bezos? You might be moving up to be the world’s richest man, and you may have almost singlehandedly devastated retail and turned literature into a massive, world-spanning warehouse of machine-written product spew —

  • But I will continue to submit What Happened reviews every day. I will screen cap them. I will put them here.

Here’s today’s review: 5 stars!

It was a struggle not to read “What Happened” all night last night. This would have been my fifth time through this gripping, tense memoir of one of the most dramatic electoral campaigns in history. I only wish I could buy the book again and again at the same time as I read it over and over.

The first time I read the book cover to cover, I had a few questions. But, since this is my fifth time reading it, they have all been answered. Donald Trump conspired with Vladimir Putin to destroy our American election process. Putin bought $100,000 worth of ads on Facebook. Even though Hillary spent $2 billion on her brave campaign to be the most powerful woman in the world, and was the hand-picked successor to Barack Obama, these evil conspirators were able to prevail. Hillary tells how others like Matt Lauer and Bernard Sanders also conspired to destroy the historic opportunity for the first woman leader of the free world.

This book has it all: just about every letter in the alphabet and every article in the English language. Like Hillary Clinton, I am heartsick about our democracy. I have to give it 5 stars because it is a real eye-opener.

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