This is usually presented as vague outrage at Wood daring to suggest that Candy Crush Saga isn’t worth $7 billion, as if people’s tastes and consumption habits haven’t been co-opted to hell and back
Analyzing the mansplaining
Sander Philipse

Candy Crush Saga is an addiction and the valuation is because it’s a game that’s as addictive as crack or cigarettes. I didn’t say anything regarding this in response to her article, which was fantastic — but this whole thing is about the confusion between money and value. The two are not the same.

This type of game seems extremely valuable to those who play it, turning it into an ad- and money-making machine, and a behavior modifier, etc. Just like booze, crack, cigs, vapes, etc. Seems.

Freedom of mind and freedom to do as one truly wishes … that’s what people lack. I guess the part of Graham’s article that bothered me the most was his analogy to someone who couldn’t pay their water bill. I found that so actively condescending and nasty. If you can’t afford water for certain you won’t be a start-up founder. I think he subconsciously went to the food/water thing (they’re so poor they can’t EAT what they LIKE! they can’t afford WATER!) The reality of that, which he can’t grasp, is — yes. There are people in that situation and it’s wrong. Lots of people. And people like him end up vacuuming up anything they can that they have. Then they blame them for not having enough more for them to take in their extreme greed.