Always the stupidest question asked by the same people. The Boomers bit down on the austerity bullshit the hardest.
Millennials Repulsed by Boomers’ Coca-Cola Patriotism
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

I don’t disagree with you, Holly. But you need to be aware that payroll taxes go more to the wealthy than they do to the general population at present. We are taxed more than any other G7 nation. i.e. more cash goes into various government coffers than any other similar nation worldwide. It just don’t come back out so effectively or well. I think you misunderstand where tax dollars typically go. If we pay higher taxes it will just make the wealthy wealthier until or unless something drastically changes. One example known to all was the bank bailout. In general, a tremendous amount goes right back to the wealthy while everyone else suffers.