Frankly, I dismissed Politifact as a fact-checking source two years ago after seeing how they…
Liz K. Burton

In one of my articles, I discussed how Politifact staff were unqualified to do the particular topic they were checking (U.S. taxes) and that they had merely referred back to their own incorrect articles, and a World Bank source that documented “ease of doing business / business tax rates” instead of individual income tax rates. They ignored other valid sources of all types as well as getting hold of sample pay stubs and withholding from Canada and the U.S. (which I included in the article). It’s a guy with a J-school degree and recent college graduate commenting on these matters. They were “debunking” Donald Trump’s claim that U.S. citizens pay the highest income taxes in the world. He is very close to the truth. Only a handful of countries have higher income tax burdens to the MIDDLE CLASS and WORKING CLASS people. What Trump neglected to say (and Politifact won’t say) is they want to keep lying to people because the funds go to the military and “corporate welfare” — i.e. tax breaks for huge corporations and government funding for favored companies. Not people or human needs like education. Health spending goes to insurance companies, not healthcare.

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