I’ll continue to follow both of you. Unless, of course, one of you blocks me.
Keith Croes

Well, that is very good to know, Keith, thank you! She blocked me because she knew that I was taking facts and writing from her articles and asking her questions that an editor would ask in terms of work procedures and proper attribution.

You can notice that she listed she was working for the Inquisitr and stated she had been asked to leave due to being “too controversial.” It is a real publication and I have been writing for them for 2 weeks now. I see nothing in the work process or company that would indicate any writer would be asked to leave because they were “too controversial.” But they would be asked to leave for not adhering to the practices I was asking her about, such as proper attribution and documentation.

Over 200K people have read the Clinton Foundation stories I wrote. These have been purposely suppressed. But I have no lawsuit, nor will there be. No information in them cannot be verified independently. Truth and multiple verification is the defense.

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