Data Science in Action: Visualizing Death in Armed Conflict from 1946–2008

Our Big Data analytics engine brought to life over 33 million data points measuring world-wide deaths in armed conflict from 1946 until 2008, a project spanning over 60 years of data. Our beautiful, seamless, and interactive visualization enabled a level of understanding, discovery, and insight that was previously unknown. This process of taking nearly impenetrable volumes of historic data, and brings them to life in a very intuitive and user-friendly way, creating an easily decipherable and exciting narrative many Big Data providers would envy.

Walk through the process with these screenshots, and check out the full demo HERE

Intro to the dataset
Intro to the design

Descriptive analysis

This visualization allows analysis by anyone with a browser
Toggling Duration of Conflict (years) and Death Count in particular locations
Region of Conflict as it relates to Duration (years)

Exploratory analysis

Specific trends or correlations may merit more specific study; this visualization bridges that gap
Conflict relative to Location
Conflict relative to Duration
Conflict relative to Decade

Inferential analysis

Analysis often leads to new insights; this segment highlights one glaring point
Key takeaway

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