Globally 350 Million people suffer from depression and recent figures show 6000 people in UK and 600 people in Ireland die by suicide, in just ONE year alone.

Spring 2018 is not far away with the brightest days of 2018 ahead … but NOT with depression and suicide, which don’t stop, nor go away!

AT DLP is very proud to announce Daisies & Hearts Spring/Summer 2018 awareness and fundraising campaign. The campaign will support a number of carefully selected charities and advocates as well as ongoing mental wellness initiatives.

The campaign goals are to raise conversation on mental wellness, awareness of best support, suicide prevention, bullying, ending Mental Health stigma and creating increased funding to assist in promoting Mental Wellness,

A summer range of “Daisies & Hearts merchandise, including wristbands, bags and t-shirts will be available online, at events and selected retailers throughout the summer. Designed in collaborations with musicians, sports personalities, fashion designers and celebrities, the merchandise will feature designs of daisies and hearts together, in a collection of merchandise with a music festival and lifestyle sports inspiration.

A record release and a series of online videos will also support the Daisies & Hearts campaign.

The official launch of Daisies & Hearts campaign will take place end of January early February 2018 and the campaign will run to the end of August.

MORE DETAILS LATER. Want to be on “THE RECORD”? Get in touch!


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