I don’t care about your ideas.
Bartek Rogacewicz

And isn’t feedback an unusual beast? 
I often wonder whether my own resistance to some feedback has not had anything to do with the message or the manner in which it was delivered, but entirely on my closeness to the work in question. And I’m not talking the concept of being thin skinned here. A writer can have the hide of over-baked potato, and still disregard the information that is being offered — and I know I am repeating myself here: Because they use their closeness to the work as a catchall for what is right and wrong with it.

For example:

Every writer who has engaged an editor has likely had the following experience:
 Me: “Oh, I’ve been looking at this for hours, it looks fine… shouldn’t need much editing”

Editor: “What about this misspelling?”
Me: “Oh, right, well, except for that bit.”
Editor: “And this bit here. Doesn’t that contradict that bit from the last chapter?”
Me: “ Oh, yes. But apart from that…”
Editor: “And what about…”
Me: “Look, just stop talking.”
Editor: “I’ll let you know when I am done, shall I?”
Me: “Yes.” *Skulks off into the shadows to wait*

Recognition of this short-fall is key.

Or at least I think it is!