HOW TO PROMOTE your YOUTUBE video using social media

So the Internet Connectivity is a little less than reliable, which has caused videos to fail to when uploading. The YouTube Channel, which was started a long time ago, is where the music goes after SoundCloud and acts as a place to put up pop culture videos. Anyways, once the upload time was determined to be over 2 hours, and shot went up to Instagram with a picture that displayed the emotional setting.

2 hours later, the video was almost ready and 3 shots went up with the with the 2 hour upload time, the new emotional setting, and the shortened upload time. The Instagram account does not have that many followers, but the video has received more views than an average video. The story of uploading really got the people who saw it invested in the video, which made them check it out.

Anyways, YouTube/SoundCloud/Instagram are all linked above in the article so Subscribe/Follow?/Follow if you want to see the Grind/Hustle live in action.


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